JO&JOE Gentilly

Ah, Paris. We all have some version of the City of Lights in our heads. It might be its history, its museums, its architecture, its status as a fashion capital or its exquisite culinary scene. But, say the brains behind AccorHotels' JO&JOE brand (besides company execs, the masterminds are U.K. design firm PENSON and, for the hotel/hostel hybrid's DNA, a variety of crowdsourced knowledge from a wide-ranging focus group) it's time the French capital's hotel scene drew more heavily on its modern, in-your-face side.


JO&JOE bathroom
Corridor at JO&JOE Gentilly

Speaking loudly is a design mandate here. From bathrooms to corridors to public spaces, this is a hotel that's created to hold your attention. Unlike some of its U.S. hotel/shared room hybrids, PENSON didn't feel the need to distance the property from the hostel scene.

Shared room at JO&JOE Gentilly

While it's clearly style-centric, the flag celebrates its affordability and its status as a social hub. Amenities such as a shared kitchen play that up.

In the rooms, the structure-within-a-structure layout ensures privacy even in four-bed layouts. Blond wood pieces house the beds (and the ladder to the top bunks is sturdily built into that large FF&E statement piece). Ready for a new look at what economy can be? You just found it.