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Hotel Devi Ratn

Hotel Devi Ratn

October 21, 2021 |

Set within the Aravalli Range, Hotel Devi Ratn has undergone a renovation by the Designers Group, transforming the property into a present-day marvel.

“The renovation of this architectural marvel was assigned to Designers Group,” says Khozema Chitalwala, principal architect, Designers Group. “Although the architecture of this hotel was remarkable, the interior grammar did not comply well with the overall envelope, exactly where Designers Group came in.”

Keeping in mind the prominence of Devi Ratn as an individual brand, Ratn was held as the core concept for the design scheme.

“The design team decided to work around the ‘Ratn’ theme while justifying the eminence of the parent brand, keeping intact the nobility of both the brands,” says Chitalwala.

The entire hotel exemplifies bold, big, and captivating with subtle regional nuances of the Indian subcontinent, while the furniture inside the hotel nods to the local craftsmanship of the city. The overall composition of vibrant décor items, furniture configurations, lighting elements, and customized soft furnishings in the lobby are infused with peacock and butterflies from the Bharatpur sanctuary as a theme in the waiting area and the community seating.

“A showpiece imitating a bowing horse structure is installed in commemoration of Maharaja Jai Singh, the Hindu Rajput Ruler, granting a glorious and welcoming vibe for the guests,” says Chitalwala. “Reception pods are designed such that an existing Haveli Darwaza serves as the backdrop with splendid mirror embroidery, reflecting the Rajasthani culture. The public areas were interlinked with a connecting corridor outlined to exemplify robust attributes with sparkling lighting design and landscaping by Mughal architecture. The all-day dining, Vyom, is created for an experiential experience with a clear view of the Aravalli hills,”

The overall interior design is inspired by the strong geometry and filigree work of the building envelope, which is in a parametric format.

“Jaipur is recognized for filigree work in India,” explains Chitalwala. “There were numerous contextual details and regional nuances adapted from the city’s history, local art and architecture, and cultural heritage.”


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