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Edition Cannabis Dispensary

Edition Cannabis Dispensary

StudioAC crafts a luxury cannabis shopping experience

December 17, 2020 | , ,

Edition, a high-design, boutique curator of cannabis working to introduce sophistication in the industry, has opened its first retail destination in downtown Toronto’s, Annex neighborhood. Trailblazing a new kind of shopping experience, the flagship store will sell curated cannabis offerings, luxury smoking accessories, specially mixed playlists, and exclusive signature items.

Designed in collaboration with emerging Toronto-based architecture firms StudioAC, the contemporary space seeks to bring good design, art, and architecture to the world of cannabis as it is in other retail experiences.

“It’s been an amazing collaboration with the team at StudioAC,” says Edition CEO and founder Ryan Roebuck. “They presented us with the design concept, and they entrusted us to fill in the blanks with them. Every single detail of the space was collaborative and made with intention. We didn’t just pick out some fancy marble and wood on a mood board. We wanted to build spaces that would evoke a feeling of intrigue and wow using high design to create unrivaled experiences in cannabis.”

A front-of-house gallery hides the retail area from passersby, but once inside, guests are immediately transfixed by elongated tables and a ceiling made from off-the-shelf industrial grating. The monochromatic color scheme highlights the products and accessories, allowing them to take center stage.

“Rather than the act of designing shelves, displays, or sales desks, we wanted to produce a singular design element, a sculpture of sorts that has its own aesthetic quality and massing that simultaneously is inspired by existing conditions while also setting out to define new ones,” says StudioAC co-founder Jennifer Kudlats.

By partnering with the best producers and manufacturers across Canada, Edition ensures the highest quality and uniquely branded products and accessories. The company will also be launching “The Edit,” a series of exclusive collaborations with notable designers across the worlds of fashion, culture, art, and design.

“Cannabis stores should reflect the incredible retail experiences which already exist in our lives and not be subpar or intimidating,” says Roebuck. “Edition is breaking the stigma of cannabis retail through design, quality, and impeccable service.”


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