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Atelier de Tartelettes

Atelier de Tartelettes

Megre Interiors reimagines a former Moscow grocery store

July 31, 2020 | , , , , , ,

By Will Speros

A former Moscow grocery store is colorfully reimagined by Megre Interiors as the new patisserie Atelier de Tartelettes. Occupying a modest 1,200 square feet, the transformed storefront invites guests to experience a modern Parisian confectionary, or, as Megre Interiors founder Yuna Megre posits, “an Instagrammable sweet spot for all who enter.” A patisserie good enough to eat, the handsome material palette recalls the goodies visitors are already craving.

“It is a dazzling pastry shop inspired by golden bases of the French tartelettes and white whipped cream it sells,” Megre says. Atelier de Tartelettes honors its namesake with colors and textures directly inspired by the pastry. Pastel tones aptly complement the aesthetic and form a vibrant backdrop.

Elegant plaster reliefs echo whipped cream, and pervasive brass and bronze call to mind a tartelette’s golden crust. Moreover, brass and marble countertops bridge classical and modern sensibilities. “Atelier de Tartelettes is the minimalist design with a huge amount of detail,” Merge adds.

Geometrically patterned brass walls infuse a golden hue, while white plastered gypsum walls showcase a 3D leaf effect with added depth established courtesy of bespoke bronze-framed mirrors. Other custom elements include velvet banquettes and poufs that complement the airy color palette.

The configuration and colorways reconsider the layout of the former grocery store to combat claustrophobia within the narrow footprint, which also lacks much natural light. The stonework of the open kitchen punctuates the interior as well, and stands out against the minimalist scheme. It’s unique interventions like these that create unexpected focal points across the space without stealing the spotlight from the baked goods. “They are like anchors,” Megre says of such details, “that make people come back again and again and stay in their memory.”

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk


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