Bootsy Bellows | Main Room | John Sofio of Built, Inc.

Bootsy Bellows Unveils Refresh

John Sofio of Built, Inc. handles interiors

Boutique Design

John Sofio of Built, Inc. designed interiors and custom furnishings for the newly revamped nightlife hot spot Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles from The h.wood Group and actor David Arquette.

The remodeled space will take on a fresh concept escaping to a luxurious Palm Springs-esque desert paradise residence. While design stays true to the venue’s signature “Old Hollywood” era look, the concept is taken one step further with more attention paid to the details.

Interiors include custom furnishes and materials like marble countertops, contrast chevron woodwork flooring, and vintage fixtures to maintain the classic and modern. A walkway entrance with custom wallpaper showcasing desert flora leads toward a beveled glass and Calcutta gold cocktail bar that “floats” on a brushed brass base. That overlooks the span of the main room and DJ stage, nostalgic decor and table booths lined up along curved walls.  

“It will be a timeless space that juxtaposes organic curves with clean lines, highlighting natures essence in the modern world, no matter what era,” says Sofio.

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels