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Interior designer Zoltan Varro of VarroDesign, along with chief architect Aniko Markos, has transformed a 14th-century castle in his latest project, the Platan, in Hungary.

The project includes a combined bistro, restaurant, and guest house, completely refurbished from the original building. Attention to detail was paramount during the project’s design. One example of this detailing can be seen in the doors and window frames, with the particular shade of red chosen by Markos to coincide with the same color that would have been used decades earlier.

The guest house is inspired by the rich history of the area, with regal wallpaper and ornate touches that harkens back to a time of kings and counts. Dark wooden fixtures and fittings give each room a feeling of staying within a nobleman’s salon, with furniture that calls back to elegant equivalents that can be seen in the baroque décor, while still ensuring enough modernity to be fresh and relevant. A unique print of moss is used for the carpet, a motif that is also used regularly throughout the new design of the Platan.

Designers took care to minimally impact the historical area. Varro’s solution was to use floating structures that sit on the land but, if required, could be removed without any permanent damage to the castle grounds. The castle walls next to the area has also been refurbished, thus protecting the medieval walls from further deterioration. Much of the original fauna is to be recultivated in cooperation with local environmentalists. Illustrations of birds of prey, created by a wildlife artist, will also be placed on the mirrored walls to protect any birds from an unexpected collision.

Photo: Erika Gancs


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