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Management company Sightline Hospitality has joined forces with woman-owned developer Z Life Company to debut the first of many efficiently designed and constructed hotel developments in Las Vegas this fall. Affiliated with Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio soft brand and located in the Arts District, the 74-room hotel with destination bar and restaurant is a rollout of Z Life’s proprietary M8TRIX building model, utilizing a pre-engineered modular wall system that provides the building’s entire structural support. This semi-modular system is a cost-effective, sustainable, and time-efficient building process with a clean, luxury finish.

Inspired by the efficiency of prefab assembly with the flexibility of modern construction, the hotel’s proprietary design uses pre-engineered load-bearing walls to carry the weight of the building without additional steel or column supports. The absence of additional support allows for an open façade with glass windows, balconies, architectural elements, and a variety of cladding options to match the local environment.

The Z Life model takes the best efficiencies of prefab—including cost savings, sustainability, and schedule—and makes it workable in real-life construction. The structural walls used can adapt to imperfect sight conditions, changes in design, and challenging development schedules, plus add a higher level of architectural aesthetics compared to traditional prefab.

With plans to debut three hotel projects this year, the Z Life Company’s proprietary modular design allows for quick and reliable construction on a budget.

Photo: Courtesy of Sightline Hospitality and Z Life Company


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