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Roar was appointed by IFA to design the interior of House of Originals by Accor Group, its newest destination on Dubai’s beachfront. The hotel features an array of “day to night” amenities—including an infinity pool, al-fresco restaurant, VIP cabanas, and outdoor entertainment areas. House of Originals takes cues from the lunar calendar, a theme that infuses the design scheme in subtle and abstract ways. Roar used the average number of days in a lunar month (29.53059 days) as a basis for the project’s calculations and measurements.

“The original idea was sparked by a late-night visit to the site when it was only a bare patch of land on Palm Jumeirah island. The twinkle of the moonlight on the sea was such a striking vision that it felt natural to bring it indoors. We also wanted to highlight the important role the lunar calendar plays in changing the hotel’s rhythm throughout the year as key moments occur in the country and the wider region, such as Ramadan, the two Eids, Hajj or the Islamic new year,” says Pallavi Dean, founder and creative director of Roar.

Influenced by the distinct hues of the moonlight brushing the sea, the color palette combines a neutral backdrop with shades of greens, blues, and dusty sunset tones. The decorative elements and wall art recall the abstractions of the physical lunar calendar—both its imagery and mathematics—through the use of rounded shapes and reflective materials such as brass.

Photo: Courtesy of Accor


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