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Ian Schrager’s PUBLIC is a hotel that offers style, fun, service, a new kind of luxury, and affordability to everyone. For the past year, Schrager has reimagined and rethought all amenities and offerings at PUBLIC. When PUBLIC premiered in 2017, its radical idea was luxury for all. As the industry heads toward a recovery, Schrager is taking advantage of this second chance to clarify and demystify the idea—so people will understand it—and what he is trying to accomplish.

The luxury for all concept is built on key pillars: modern, rethought and re-edited service, sophisticated style, a unique, fun and elevated experience that makes your heartbeat faster, and value. Schrager sought to make this new notion of luxury accessible and affordable to everyone who wants it.

Schrager rethought everything at PUBLIC and has introduced many new initiatives and offerings. The popular oasis Chrystie Park (shown) has been redone with new landscaping by Madison Cox. This lush, verdant garden park in the city with its plentiful variety of trees, flowers, plants, and grasses will now be available for dining, drinking, lawn parties, picnics, sculpture installations, and private events. It’s PUBLIC’s own micro version of Central Park in downtown New York City.

Upon entering the hotel and just past the amber glow of the escalators, guests will notice a completely reimagined LOUIS, and a new restaurant and bar. The new food and beverage offering brings together a collaboration between two chefs, Diego Muñoz and John Fraser. The lobby will be a new destination for office-less and deskless creatives who will come to work but have fun as well. As leisure and work are more and more combined and the lines blur between home, office, and hotel, Schrager sees more people desiring a social space to work, play, relax and create a sense of community.

Photo: Courtesy of PUBLIC


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