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Alexandra Efstathiadou, the owner of Ekies All Senses Resort, in collaboration with Athens-based Agarch+ Architects and Fytron Landscape Design, drew inspiration from the area’s rich spiritual history to design 10 brand new suites and five renovated rooms.

Baptismal bowls, serving as water basins in some of the suites, draw upon the power of water to sanctify and rejuvenate. Meanwhile, beds appear stripped down to a “bare-boned” aesthetic.

“We wanted to rethink the ‘less is more’ approach in our interiors for the new suites, taking cues from the ascetic tranquility we encountered upon visiting the stunning monasteries of Mount Athos,” say Giorgos Anagnostellis and Angeliki Pappa from Agarch+ Architects about the project. “Key design elements for us were marble, bronze, and wood, and an earthy color palette.”

Emphasis is placed on natural materials, both on a structural and a decorative level. Organic fabrics, such as the pure linen adorning the curtains, the bed, and the sofa pillows provide a balancing softness to the solid wood of the furnishing and the nude, concrete ceilings. Using ecological paint, the walls follow a color scheme of authentic local hues such as rich olive greens, blues, whites, and burnt sienna. Heat-resistant floors combine handmade ceramics with patterns that can be found in local Orthodox churches and mosaic floors that pay homage to traditional Greek houses from the 1960s and ’70s.

Photo: Courtesy of Ekies All Senses Resort


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