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The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, officially opening next week, is a bespoke, custom-made hotel embodying the East and the West. Designed in partnership with architect Kengo Kuma—the architect of the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo and many other iconic buildings—the hotel allows embodies the spirit of Tokyo.

The project brings together a collaboration between Marriott International, EDITION brand creator Ian Schrager, and Mori Trust, led by its visionary, President and CEO Miwako Date. It also marks a special “homecoming” of sorts for Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson and Schrager. Sorenson was born in Tokyo and Schrager has been influenced by the purity, simplicity, elegance, and refinement of Japanese culture and aesthetics. This has become the foundation of his career, evident throughout his work and many projects dating back to Studio 54 in 1977.

The hotel’s public space was inspired by Buddhist temples and their structure, purpose, and organization. They consisted of a central courtyard surrounded by various other structures, each with its own specific purpose. The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon’s two-story lobby, over 450 feet in the sky, is a centralized space that operates and functions not only as a new and modern gathering place, but is also meant to facilitate and encourage communal and social interaction in all of its forms. Several eating, drinking, entertainment, and other experiences, each distinctly different in both look and feel, radiate from the lobby in the same manner as the peripheral buildings do in a Buddhist temple. Each of these areas has its own individual reality, yet still feels like part of the whole, and each can be enjoyed separately or together all in one night. As with all EDITION hotels, lines blur between work and play, eating and drinking, talking and thinking, solitude and socializing.

Photo: Courtesy of Marriott International


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