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RMS Companies recently unveiled The Lloyd, a boutique hotel located at the former Hotel Zero Degrees in the center of downtown Stamford, Connecticut.

“My goal to reinvigorate this somewhat tired building and space was to stimulate the guest upon first impression,” says Bruce Beinfield, principal of Beinfield Architecture. “By gradually introducing a layer of warm natural elements and striking geometric shapes consecutively throughout the guests’ journey, we provide an engaging experience.”

A warm brown wall cladding system was added to the exterior of the building with a vertical pattern to unite the exterior and interior spaces. Upon entry, an abundance of organic materials creates an array of inviting nooks and intimate seating and dining areas. Honey-brown wood paneled ceiling boards were applied to canopy the large open space, while cement board wall panels in natural gray tones provide a sense of stability and balance. Dramatic floor-to-ceiling drapery has been layered in throughout the entire lounge and library spaces in a soft sand linen texture, while furnishings with natural elements such as woven jute, rattan, hair on hide, and lamb’s wool were added as an extra layer.

Photos: Courtesy of Beinfield Architecture & RMS Companies


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