Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Hospitality Interior Designer, Senior Associate
DLR Group, Minneapolis

Your crystal ball says: The guestroom (along with the rest of the hotel) will become a rich data collection center. AI will be used to collect information for the purposes of implementing a continuously evolving layer of service. Understanding how spaces are used and what works or doesn’t makes a hotel the perfect study in the way humans operate in a place of leisure. I know that technology is also growing at a very fast pace (I’ve seen the robots and voice-activated controls), but I think data is where we’ll see the biggest benefit.

Tell us one of your wildest dreams: To create a net-zero hotel.

One of your best tips: Always use a measuring tape. Seeing is believing.

What inspires you? Fashion design is a passion of mine. There are several designers I admire for their immaculate detail. Iris van Herpen comes to mind for her progressive use of materials and technology. Her work takes an army to create (similar to a hotel). There is just something about understanding the human body and creating a garment that embraces it in such an elegant way.

The Vanguard
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photos: Beth Coburn, DLR Group