Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Gensler, San Francisco

I need a vacation thanks to: Three-plus years of work on the Chase Center—a high profile, career first for me in this 800,000-square-foot stadium [in San Francisco]. While not your typical hospitality project, I got the chance to find new ways to infuse the hospitality guest experience—for both general admission and VIP—into all aspects. Most notably, from our suite and club levels to our concourses, we worked with local chefs and operators to elevate the F&B options, crafting spaces that feel uniquely Bay area.

I’m always scouting: Lighting—new and unique fixtures, solutions, and designers.

What trends need to go? Slats and/or fins! Slat ceilings, walls, screens—they’ve all got to go. I’m guilty myself. But I’m ready for new layering trends to emerge.

Who are you waiting by the phone for? Taco Bell. Seriously. With the success of their pop-up hotel in Palm Springs, I hope they jump into the ring with their own hospitality group.

Confidential Hotel

Photo and Rendering: Gensler