Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Project Design Manager
HVS Design, Rockville, Maryland

What trends need to see themselves out? Barn doors in bathrooms—especially those with frosted glass.

How do you relax? Boxing. I try to maintain a regimen of four classes a week.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got? Our director, Christine Shanahan, said to come out from behind my own shadow.

What will ultimately challenge your design process? Customized technology integration for furniture and beyond. With multiple vendors to coordinate now, what used to take one week will take three or more.

What’s on your boards? The meeting spaces at the Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, Florida; public space and guestrooms at both the Hotel Canandaigua, a Tapestry Collection by Hilton in New York, and Delta Hotel in Midland, Texas; and the Lodge at Carlin Bay in Harrison, Idaho.

Who was your greatest mentor (and why)? It’s hard to allow young designers the freedom to fail, but it’s sometimes one of the greatest gifts. My first boss in the industry—Jeffrey Ornstein [J/Brice Design]—was able to give me that. He allowed me to make creative decisions, and sometimes they worked out and other times they didn’t. But the knowledge I gained by trying helped to develop my skillset. I learned perseverance and confidence in myself to find the right solution.

ARC THE. HOTEL, Washington D.C.

Photos: Roman Edwards