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Trends you’re tracking: Curvature! From architecture to FF&E, I love that we’re highlighting curves and arches. It’s beautiful and versatile. But I’m also seeing a move toward millwork over furniture. Millwork makes craftsmanship so much harder to control, and the design details we fixate on are often left out. Extensive review of shop drawings and frequent site visits will come with this new territory.

Trends you’re banishing: Mirrored furniture.How are you streamlining the guestroom experience? Making our personal devices our best tool will be our biggest foresight. Connecting to the room via Bluetooth to control lights, AC, TV, etc. seems to make more sense than installing tablets or stations in each room. Ops would only need to update app software every so often rather than replacing equipment every time something breaks.

A moment that stayed with you: In school, a professor made us work on a marker rendering for a few hours. At the end of the class, he said, “Now crumple it up and throw it over your shoulder.” We all nearly had a heart attack. Then he told us, “Your client will either love your design or hate it. You need to learn to have no emotional attachment to your work.”

In your next life: I’ll be running a ceviche shack in Baja.

Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection
Waimea, Hawaii

Photo: Patrick Barcroft | Rendering: Steel Blue