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Baskervill, Richmond, Virginia

In the guestroom of the future: Voice command will reign supreme. We’re talking (pun intended) lighting, window treatments, HVAC, you name it.

Embarrassing moment: Specifying a chaise lounge that didn’t fit through the guestroom door. The worst.

One of your best war stories: A few years ago, we specified beautiful railings for a 12-story atrium hotel. After they were all installed we realized the pattern inadvertently created a climbing ladder for small children! We visited the hotel, met with the owners, talked to the fabricator and came up with a great, safe solution that added a layer of detail and didn’t compromise the overall design.

What’s on your boards? Working with a fun European brand making big inroads in the U.S.

What needs more attention? Better incorporation of tech into furniture. It needs to be more thought out and not compromise the design integrity of the piece. Functionality and aesthetics are equally important.

AC Hotel
Kingston, Jamaica

Photos: Baskervill, Photo Fusion Media