Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Senior Interior Designer, Concept Visualization
NELSON, Cincinnati

The best feeling in the world was: Watching the reveal of Tru by Hilton at ALIS in 2016 with hundreds of impressed owners and developers signing deals on the spot, ready to build what you helped to create. It was just astounding.

Presentation tips? My college professor once told me to pick out a person from the crowd and speak directly to them. Maintain eye contact and have a conversation only with them. Keep it light and personal. You’ll sound less rehearsed and more relatable.

I’m having fun playing with: Non-white guestroom bedding, refined gold accents, and whimsical wallcoverings.

If I wasn’t a designer, I’d be: Probably an overworked, underpaid American history teacher.

What will revolutionize your project workflow? AR/VR technologies utilized within the gaming and cinema industries that are rapidly filtering into the design community.

Dream client: An old-world billionaire who wants to build a custom vacation home in Alaska.

The Malibu Institute, Luxury Villas
Malibu, California