Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Hirsch Bedner Associates/HBA, San Francisco

When did you realize you were “livin’ the dream?” On a sourcing trip to Oaxaca for the St. Regis Cabo. For a week straight I got to imbibe the culture and learn about Mexican crafts, food, and mezcal. Pinch me! But more importantly, this allowed us to create a modern aesthetic with artisanal touches that felt authentically warm.

I’d love to work with: Aman Resorts.

What new technologies are coming down the guestroom pipeline? Technology customizations like projection mapping and sound immersion. Inspirations are the play Sunday in the Park with George where the set was predominantly projections of paintings, and the multimedia museum Atelier des Lumières in Paris. I love the idea of using it in a hotel room so you can really change your experience.

What are you grappling with right now? Integrating the “slow food” approach of a somewhat preservationist mentality—making it local, crafted—as opposed to the “get it done yesterday” mentality we are all ruled by. Budget and timelines only get tighter, not to mention there’s so much waste in hospitality. It seems that only the truly wealthy can afford that luxury of time—waiting for the right thing to create perfection.

How would you redefine luxury? Luxury is in living in the time and travel it took to curate the space rather than fancy finishes.

Pueblo Bonito Hotel
Quivira, Mexico

Photos: The Studio Deux, HBA