Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Lead Designer
Silent Volume, New York

What will be one of the most monumental changes to hospitality in the next 5 years? Booking a room hourly. Being able to check in and out at specific times and only pay for those hours potentially could better suit what is becoming a more global/transient community.

What will challenge your design process? Similar to how subscriptions and memberships are dominating hospitality, I think furniture and spaces will be more temporary (rented) instead of being 100 percent owned. It will change the idea of inheritance and tradition, and shift how we measure value and quality.

Best war story: When I first moved to New York I was working on a new-build apartment building in Tribeca where we were installing a heated flooring system in all the master suites. I walked in halfway through my sub-contractor installing the cabling and realized it was all overlapped and wrong. I stopped him, took off my shoes, jumped in the wet thinset with him, pulled all the wires up, and showed him how to cut the mesh and zig-zag the wires back and forth properly without any crossover.

Your personal style: Both masculine and feminine. Rocker boss lady. Wardrobe staples are a black moto leather jacket, track pants, and heels.

3DEN, Hudson Yards, New York

Photos: Gregory Minasian, Silent Volume