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Senior Associate, Studio Design Director
EDG Interior Architecture + Design, Novato, California

What’s your greatest point of pride? Coming to the U.S. from Japan and getting to where I am today. And having a kid at some point along the way. I’m so proud of how I’ve balanced the personal and professional.

Where have you been channeling most of your energy? Social spaces. We just completed the Commentary Social House at the Westin Arlington, Virginia. Our branding and design teams worked in tandem to reimagine this three-meal restaurant into more of a communal spot by utilizing all the tools at our disposal: graphics, artwork, menu direction, and more.

What has been your best tool? My restaurant background. I’m so used to moving fast thanks to that. But it’s also taught me how to pace my speed. You need to be a marathon runner rather than a 100-meter sprinter. Though I am not athletic at all, so I’m not sure this analogy works…

What’s on your boards? An Airstream hotel in Tucson, where a number of them are being placed on the roof of a diner (which we are also designing).

What trends do you have your eye on right now? I don’t like that word. To me, if you are following the trend, you are just a copy cat.

Lido House, Autograph Collection
Newport Beach, California

Photo: Eric Laignel, EDG