Boutique Design Events and Trade Fairs

Check in with hotel owners and design leaders for the second in our series covering the state of the industry and its challenges and opportunities, design innovation and go-forward strategies in the wake of COVID-19. Get the hotelier perspective from AAHOA, the hospitality association encompassing nearly half of all US hotels, and brand and design consultant perspective on how they can deliver value.

The panel, moderated by Michelle Finn, Vice President, Boutique Design Group, Emerald, included the following speakers:

  • David Ashen, Founder and Principal, Dash Design
  • Vipul Dayal, President/CEO, VNR Management, Inc.
  • Karin Harrington, Founder and Principal, Studio Partnership
  • Dionne Jefferson, Vice President, Design + Project Management, Marriott International
  • Chet Patel, Senior Vice President, Baywood Hotels
  • Nimisha Patel, Partner, Vue Hotels, Female Director Western Region, AAHOA

(Note: this is part two of an exclusive two-part series from Boutique Design and AAHOA.)

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