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ForrestPerkins Announces New Leadership Roles

Two co-managing principals will lead alongside founder

April 8, 2021
ForrestPerkins Announces New Leadership Roles

ForrestPerkins has announced new leadership roles. Principals Barbara Best-Santos and Colletta Conner will assume the roles and title of co-managing principal, leading the studio alongside Deborah Lloyd Forrest, founder and principal.

With more than two decades of experience spanning continents and project types, Best-Santos is an interior designer and leader in the hospitality industry. Her portfolio consists of luxury and lifestyle projects across many brands, including boutique and large-scale hotels, spas, restaurants, and resorts. She also integrates a holistic approach to her design work, blending a passion for wellness and experiential design.

With an award-winning portfolio cultivated over two decades, Conner is a leader within the industry who leverages 20-plus years of experience in luxury multi-residential projects, large-scale and boutique hotels, spa design, restaurants, and resort properties. She is deeply passionate about creating healthy environments that support the mind, body, and spirit, and her design work reflects her strong commitment to wellbeing.

The two will manage the studio alongside Forrest, a leader in the hospitality design industry with more than 40 years of dedicated expertise. Rounding out the ForrestPerkins leadership team is Toby Bishop, associate principal, who acts as studio leader of the group in New York. Emily Woods Weiskopf and Jennifer Beggiato serve as co-studio leaders of the team in Washington DC and head the firm’s Multi-Residential Interiors practice.

Photo: L to R: Barbara Best-Santos, Co-Managing Principal; Deborah Lloyd Forrest, Founder and Principal; Colletta Conner, Co-Managing Principal (Photo Credit: Jen Bertrand and Lyndsey Peck)

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