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I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but even if you’re still happily heading outside in a tee and shorts, the routine of back to school, the end of vacations and the shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere (if you live below the Equator, just know we’re all a bit jealous right now) scream that fall is coming.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence, then, that I’m seeing a rash of guestrooms in our headlines that really play up the hygge inspired need need to curl up and be surrounded by comforting, sensual materials and colors. We’re talking touchable elements that go well beyond the now-ubiquitous channeled velvet headboard. 

The orange chairs in renderings for 1 Hotels’ upcoming Toronto debut embrace anyone sitting in them. If that sounds a little personal…we’re all complaining of feeling disconnected and isolated, so why shouldn’t design be a little warmer and more organic?

That might be explained by the thought process behind that project and others like it. Turns out, weather is the new local. It’s the main inspo for 1, and also for the Marski by Scandic in Helsinki, Scandic’s debut Finnish property in their Signature collection. Whatever one can say about Finland’s natural beauty, it’s not exactly toasty. In fact, it’s probably the only country on earth where some of its most successful musical exports write about the cold and darkness and get away with it. Cue super-soft area rugs and tinted sheers in each of Marski’s guestrooms. Black takes the place of metallics on light fixtures, a counterintuitive-but-clever way to give the space more depth.

So, maybe you should check the forecast for your next design?