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Up-And-Coming Hoteliers Unveiled

(March 2015) posted on Mon Mar 23, 2015

Honorees celebrated at BDwest

Boutique Design has unveiled the winners of its first-ever Up-and-Coming Hoteliers award. The honorees are: Enrique (Kike) Sarasola, president and founder, Room Mate Hotels; Brad Wilson, president, Ace Hotels; and Josh Wyatt, chief strategic officer, Generator.

(Enrique (Kike) Sarasola, president and founder, Room Mate Hotels. Photo: Courtesy of Room Mate Hotels)

The winners of BD’s newest award were feted—along with this year’s class of the Boutique 18—at a special ceremony in San Diego on April 7, the day before this year’s BDwest kicked off. BDwest attendees were able to gain further insights into how these thought leaders see the future of the industry during a panel discussion on April 9. (For more information, go to

(Brad Wilson, president, Ace Hotels. Photo: Siyoung Song/Courtesy of Magazine B)

The Up-and-Coming Hoteliers award was created to find the next Ian Schrager, Bill Kimpton or Barry Sternlicht, not necessarily the next Bill Marriott. Although major chains have launched a bumper crop of interesting new lifestyle approaches, this honor is focused on the pioneers behind niche players and targeted brands with small- to mid-sized portfolios and design DNA that makes a lot of other companies want to clone them—or at least dress the part.

(Josh Wyatt, chief strategic officer, Generator. Photo: Courtesy of Generator)

Readers, editorial advisory board members, trade fair advisory board members, as well as hotel owners, operators, purchasing agents and consultants helped create a long “short list” of hoteliers around the world who met these criteria. Their nominations included individuals who not only defined new approaches to hotel interiors, but also people who’ve created new categories of hotels.



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