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24 Hours with Larry Korman

(January 2017) posted on Tue Jan 24, 2017

AKA Hotel Residences’ president takes you through a day in his life.

By Oriana Lerner

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 Want the inside scoop on how today’s hospitality masterminds get the job done? Larry Korman, president, AKA Hotel Residences, pulls back the curtain on everything from where he finds inspiration—walking through the woods with his Newfoundland and listening to Diana Krall’s latest—and how he lives the AKA brand. Yep, including an AKA lapel pin and giving the brand’s own vodka pride of place during drinks with his Dad.

What's your morning routine?
Coffee! Then it’s reading the Philadelphia Inquirer on my iPad with another cup of coffee.

What's in your briefcase?
Not much from when I first started working in 1986—my iPhone, iPhone plus and iPad. I have a brushed stainless steel tape measure, the prior month’s financial statements, a whole bunch of ripped out pages from the prior month’s design magazines for inspiration and my AKA essentials: small and medium AKA notepad, AKA pen and business cards.

Describe your personal style: bespoke, high street, athleisure-all or none of the above?
I like to keep it crisp and polished with a charcoal tailored suit, white shirt, silver tie and AKA pin on my lapel. I think it’s important to be confident and positive – and a new suit helps exude that energy and brings creativity into my work.

Name one thing that in your opinion makes (and breaks) a successful project?

The beginning. Every delay or overrun I have had in the past 30 years has been because of the work and organization put in (or not put in) at the start of the project.

I’d also have to say collaboration, because it creates synergy. There is not one person who does it all, but rather many that specialize in specific areas. When everyone collaborates and works together, there is a fluid end result.

What do you love the most about the day-to-day of design? What do you dislike?

I like the process and love the end result—when all three dimensions have been brought to fruition. I dislike having to be patient, especially when a really good idea is brought up, but you know it is going to take a really long time to create or its costs more than the budget allows. Either way, we can always find a solution to make great ideas happen.

What's your guilty pleasure when you surf the net at work?

One is looking at homes for sale in the islands, mountains and coast. Or resort hotels—to see the latest and greatest in hospitality, design and photography.


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