About Us

Boutique Design profiles the designers creating inventive spaces in hospitality venues large and small, global and local. Our focus is not an industry segment or price point, but unique, forward-looking boutique and lifestyle projects that inspire trends and set edgier standards for guest spaces worldwide.

Unlike any other brand, BD’s content is tailored to the design principles that define the boutique and lifestyle approach—and to the visionaries driving the future of hospitality.

BD connects you to those visionaries and to all the business professionals who shape the hospitality interiors marketplace: designers, architects and purchasing agents at work on hospitality projects, as well as hospitality brand and independent hotel owners, developers and operators with design responsibility. In print, online and, increasingly, face to face.

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Mary Scoviak
executive editor, Boutique Design
conference director, HMG

Kelly Farrar
art director, Boutique Design

Christina Green
senior editor, Boutique Design

Oriana Lerner
special projects editor, Boutique Design
conference coordinator, HMG

Elizabeth Duccilli
editorial intern, Boutique Design


Melani Beattie
associate publisher, Boutique Design
business development manager, midwest/west, Boutique Design

Michael Schneider
business development manager, northeast, Boutique Design

Scott Rickles
business development manager, southeast, Boutique Design


Tedd Swormstedt
president, ST Media Group

Michelle Finn
svp Boutique Design, ST Media Group
president, HMG

Linda Volz
production coordinator, Boutique Design, ST Media Group

Diane Jones-Dunham
online media production coordinator, Boutique Design, ST Media Group